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 Frederick C. Wilda  
Mineral and Nature Artist                      

Fred is a self taught artist who has made commercial
and fine arts his chosen career since 1959.  He became a mineral artist in 1998.  His watercolor paintings fall into one of two basic categories...specimen or species.  A species painting may require more than one specimen to complete the work.  He prefers to work from actual specimens, but when necessary he can use photos.  Limited edition prints are made from the original watercolors.  Many of his originals are commissions from collectors or museums.     

Fred has completed a series of over 130 illustrations for reproduction in a book titled "The Pegmatite Mines Known
as Palermo", written by Robert W.  Whitmore of New Hampshire.  His work has also been included in articles in the
Extra Lapis English magazine as well as Rocks & Minerals and Rocks & Gems magazines.  Fred was honored to be picked as the "Featured Artist" in the 2004 Mineral and Fossil Show in Munich, Germany.  His originals and limited editions prints are in many collections throughout the United States and Abroad.  Currently selections of his paintings are in the collection of the Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad, California.

Fred's passion for art is matched by his obsession for minerals.  Avid field collectors, he and his fiancée, Helen Rodak, have a very impressive collection.  The challenge of illustrating minerals is fueled by the vast amount of subjects available.  Fred's answer to this challenge is "The joy of completing a painting is dwarfed by the anticipation of doing another".

His paintings and limited edition prints are displayed at various Mineral Shows including the Connecticut Valley Mineral Club Show, the East Coast Gem, Mineral and Fossil Show held in West Springfield, Mass, New England Mineral Conference held in Maine and various other New England Shows.

 Fred was the Featured Exhibitor at the EAST COAST 2012  

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